Tickets – Day Event – Saturday 09.11.24

Entry: from 9:30

Start: Day Event 10:00

End: Day Event approx. 15:30


In this Day Event we present:

WDSF Open Adult Latin – including Final

WDSF Int. Open Adult Standard – including Final

WDSF WC SEN I Latin – including Round of 24*

WDSF PD  WC Adult Standard – including Round of 24*


  • * Semifinals and Finals take Place at the Evening Gala.
  • Please note: you need one extra Ticket. A ticket upgrade will be possible at the cash Desk, subject to availability.


Tickets – Evening Gala Event – Saturday 09.11.24

Entry from: 18:00

Start: Evening Gala: 18:30

End: Evening Gala approx.: 00:15


In this Evening Gala Event we present:

WDSF WC SEN I Latin – Semifinal and Final

WDSF PD  WC Adult Standard – Semifinal and Final

Shows – Live Band – Social Dance for the Audience – Buffett

Please note: if you book a ticket for the Evening Gala Event this already includes the Buffet during the Evening Gala and also free Entry for the Day Events at Saturday and Sunday.


Tickets – Day Event – Sunday 10.11.24

Entry from: 9:00

Start: Day Event 9:30

End: Day Event approx.: 21:30


In this Day Event we present:

WDSF Open Senior I Standard

WDSF Open Senior II Standard

WDSF Open Senior III Standard

WDSF Open Senior IV Standard

WDSF Open Senior II Latin

WDSF Open Senior III Latin